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our mission

knowledge is beautiful

UMA Academy is empowering a new generation of doctors. To make better long term judgements. And use every treatment to the fullest. For us, aesthetic medicine isn’t about fixing problems in patients. It’s about seeing people’s potential the same way they do.

real world knowledge
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changing the perspective on aesthetic medicine

Created by the same team who developed the Netherlands’ pioneering national specialism in aesthetic medicine, our curriculum covers all fields of study and combines clinical theory with practical training. To give every doctor the judgement and knowledge to transform lives, not just looks.

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our mission

get your patients noticed, not your work

Jani van Loghem
Founder UMA Academy

Our philosophy is simple: aesthetics are as much about the doctor’s eyes as her hands. Indeed, the better our work, the more credit the world gives all our clients. Technique alone can’t ever transform a life in the same way your expertise and judgement can.

what we offer

engage in real-world learning with a global community of experts and peers

We offer a clinical curriculum of modular courses and certification, taught by experts who truly understand the theory, practice and art of aesthetic medicine.

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