01 - Curriculum

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02 - Our philosophy 

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Our learning program offers books, webinars, online courses, hands-on training and much more. Tailor-made for the digital age, our learning materials and events unlock unprecedented access to the expertise of some of the industry’s top practitioners.
03 - Overview

our fields of study


We remain at the forefront of the global developments of this versatile drug and unravel its ever expanding range of indications.

soft tissue fillers

We study different products with their characteristics and focus injection techniques on anatomy, aesthetic outcome and safety.


We move beyond product technique and study advanced masculinisation, feminisation and beautification.

aesthetic surgery

We study the art and practice of aesthetic surgical procedures in our modules: Facial Surgery, Body Contouring and oculoplastics.

aesthetic dermatology

We share the secrets of skin quality improvements through modalities such as topicals, peels, lasers and other energy based devices.

business & leadership

Enhance your virtual programs by allowing your learners to access high-quality live sessions.

regenerative aesthetics

When healthy, normally functioning tissue with normal tissue architecture and components is formed, it is regenerative.

04 - Hands-on training

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05 - Online training

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06 - Learning materials

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07 - Bundles


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