01 - About us

learning is beautiful

In the heart of Amsterdam you’ll find UMA Institute. A full-service cosmetic clinic, training academy and research centre. This is where we champion every person’s right to look and live the way they want.
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get your patients noticed,
not your work

Self–expression is a sacred right. And more and more people are relying on their doctor’s knowledge, skill and judgement to exercise that right.
02 - Our approach

think, see and do things the uma way

UMA is founded on a simple, shocking idea: that aesthetic medicine can - and should - be a force for good. All too often, it is dominated by short-term, procedure-lead action. We think it’s time to move the conversation beyond body parts to what really matters: treatment outcomes. And towards that uniquely empowering feeling of looking like the person you feel like inside. Each of us has a responsibility to move our profession forwards. We won’t do it through better technique alone. But with better judgement - and clear vision- there's surely a better way. Level up and learn to be confident.

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03 - Our mission

meet our experts

An UMA doctor isn’t just a specialist in his or her field. They’re masters at the things in life that can’t be taught. Empathy. Kindness. Honesty. A genuine commitment to help their students. For us, being the best is nothing. Doing our best is what really counts.
04 - Our manifesto
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Know what can go wrong. Know what can go right.
Know why something works, and when it won’t.
Know why you’re being cautious, or brave.
Know more than the products in your dispensary.
Know more than the treatments you offer,
or the tools you use to deliver them.
Know how to express who the patient wants to be.
05 - What people say

what other people say about us

florian petin

I got the chance to try new techniques which would completely change my practise.

nasser madi

The group here in Amsterdam is really a reference group.

naomi sharon

The more we learn from each other, the better our specialty becomes.

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