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The latest publications from our faculty, contributors and other thought leaders in aesthetic medicine.

At UMA Academy we champion knowledge. That is why we share our insights from clinical observations, retrospective analyses or our own clinical research. And being doctors, we share our knowledge in peer reviewed medical journals. Because by sharing, we raise the level of aesthetic medicine as a whole.

0047 MANON 5815 neck chin

creating lift in the lower face with botulinum toxin

This study was aimed to provide basic knowledge of the activities of the muscles in the lower face and neck and to describe the basis for injecting BoNT-A to create lift in this area.

Publication minimalistic with toxin and filler

minimalistic combination treatment with toxin and filler

This study assesses the effect of combination treatments with botulinum toxin type A (BoNTA) and fillers on the perception of attractiveness and age.

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