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Effects of non-surgical reconstruction of the facial anatomy in healthy males


To evaluate the effect of a facial treatment with fillers on perception of attractiveness and age in males by laypeople ratings; the secondary objective consists of evaluation of patient satisfaction, wrinkles and the global aesthetic improvement in treated patients.

study design & population

Study design: non-randomized, whole-face therapeutic intervention trial;
Study population: Healthy male volunteers, 18-65 years old, no previous injections in the last year, no cosmetic surgery, and/or laser treatments in the past, all in the face and neck region.


One treatment session will occur using dermal fillers, targeting all the areas of the face. The treatment plan will be in consensus with the wishes of the patient and the recommendations by the treating physician. Additionally, an optional touch-up session 14 days post-treatment may occur to adjust any asymmetries.

main study parameters / endpoints

The primary parameter is the evaluation of the attractiveness of the treated male patients on a Likert Scale-7 point and to estimate the patient’s age in years of the before and after photos, assessed by blinded lay persons, males and females.
The main endpoint of the study is to assess an increase by at least 1 point in the Likert Scale-7 point and a decrease of the estimated age. The secondary parameter is represented by the Merz Aesthetics Scale for the treated regions, evaluated by the doctor. The secondary endpoint is an improvement by at least 1 point on Merz Aesthetics Scale, in the treated areas.
Other parameters consist in the evaluation of the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale by the principal investigator. The endpoint of this parameter is quantifying an improvement of at least “improved” in the GAIS. Another assessed parameter is the Satisfaction Score evaluated on the Satisfaction Scale-6 point, by the patient. The endpoint regarding this parameter is an increase by at least one point on the Satisfaction Scale.
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