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This Online Course is intended for all physicians who have limited or no experience in working with hyaluronic acid fillers for aesthetic indications. It offers an extensive package of learning materials and examination, available on our own digital learning platform.


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online course

about this online course

Detailed instruction videos cover the assessment of the facial ageing process and essential injection techniques. Participants who would like to test their knowledge are invited to take an optional exam.

  • e-book
  • 1 hour of discourse
  • 5 bundles of instruction videos
  • facultative examination
  • online certificate of accomplishment

theoretical training

Participants will have access to over 1 hour of discourse presented by Job Thuis that will cover the following topics:

01  hyaluronic acid and other filler products

Get familiar with the essence of hyaluronic acid fillers.

02  facial ageing and anatomy

A deep dive into the intricate workings of ageing and facial anatomy. Learn to identify areas that can be improved.

03  product characteristics linked to clinical desired results

Learn how to employ the power of hyaluronic acid fillers. This discourse covers essential techniques in areas including the temples, forehead and medial cheek.

04  patient assessment

Know thyself, and your patients too. In order to obtain the best results it’s key to understand your patients wishes and distinct facial structure.

05  contraindications, documentation and preparation for injections

Great results start with great preparations. Learn how to properly plan and set up your treatments.

06  treatment techniques and avoidance of complications

Expand your knowledge and develop multi-various treatment strategies and techniques. Lastly we focus on safety and the avoidance of complications

The textbook Calcium Hydroxylapatite Expert Soft Tissue Filler Techniques by Jani van Loghem serves as the theoretical reference work for this Online Course. An e-book edition is included in your course materials.

online learning materials

This online course contains an extensive online learning part including over 6 hours of instruction videos and discourses by Jani van Loghem and Job Thuis. These will be ready for you in your account after purchase.

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