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soft tissue fillers

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We study different products with their characteristics and focus injection techniques on anatomy, aesthetic outcome and safety. Levels vary between filler essentials and advanced filler techniques. Patient safety is taken to the highest level in a separate module on filler complication prevention and management.
02 - What we offer
Our broadest field of study, Soft Tissue Fillers, covers the use of dermal fillers, volumizing fillers, biostimulatory products and skin boosters, collectively called soft tissue fillers. We offer an extensive and unique collection of training events and online learning materials across many types of filler products, techniques and experience levels. Many world-renowned experts have contributed and are actively contributing to the theoretical content of our learning platform in the form of instruction videos and discourses and can also be seen as UMA Faculty during our live training events.

Master Courses are our most comprehensive form of training in which the online study of theoretical background is combined with hands–on training under the guidance of leading experts in this field. For physicians that are unable to attend a training event in the Netherlands we offer a whole range of online learning formats such as online courses, live and recorded webinars, instruction video bundles and our own UMA hardcopy medical textbooks or ebooks. We currently offer Master Courses for entry level injectors (Facial Filler Essentials), experienced injectors (Advanced Filler Techniques) and expert injectors (Expert Techniques). We believe that our most unique course is probably the Vascular Complication prevention and Management Master Course. 
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