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global facial approach with PEGylated HA (Neauvia)

This Online Course is intended for physicians working with soft tissue fillers in the face and/or body and wish to significantly improve their technical skills with the use of the Neauvia portfolio (PEG-crosslinked HA products). With a high focus on facial anatomy as well as product properties, a comprehensive global facial approach is offered using the Neauvia portfolio.

With Greg Stanislawski and Jani van Loghem


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online course

about this online course

The theoretical background of PEGylated HA filler products (Neauvia) is offered through an online study program and includes scientific presentations and detailed instruction videos. You will be able to access this on the UMA Academy digital learning platform.

  • extensive library of online materials available
  • exclusive opportunity to train with the best in the field
  • full-length treatment video available with one male patient treated by Dr. Greg Stnislawski
  • 2 full-length treatment videos available of a young and middle-aged woman, treated by Dr. Jani van Loghem

online learning materials

This online course contains an extensive online learning part including over 4 hours of instruction videos and discourses by Jani van Loghem and Greg Stanislawski. These will be ready for you in your account after purchase.

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