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mastering aesthetic dermatology with Yana Yutskovskaya

Join Professor Yana Yutskovskaya, a renowned expert in aesthetic dermatology, as she presents key insights and advanced treatments for common skin conditions. This series covers acne, photoaging, and rosacea, offering comprehensive approaches for effective management and enhanced skin health.

With Yana Yutskovskaya


Ideal for dermatologists, cosmetologists, and skincare professionals, this series provides essential knowledge and advanced techniques to enhance patient care and treatment outcomes. Each presentation offers in-depth understanding and practical approaches to managing common dermatological conditions. This bundle includes the following discourses:

01  acne: what aesthetic specialists should know about

Understand the multifactorial nature of acne, its impact on patients, and the latest treatment strategies. Topics include pathogenic factors, aggravating factors, and advanced treatments like microdermabrasion, photodynamic therapy, and chemical peels.

02  integrative approach to photoaging treatment

Dive into the complex process of photoaging caused by UV radiation and discover effective therapeutic protocols. Learn about Fitzpatrick phototypes, Glogau’s classification, and advanced treatments such as mesotherapy, redermalization, and botulinum therapy.

03  rosacea: what aesthetic specialists should know about

Gain insights into the chronic inflammatory disease of rosacea, its pathophysiology, and classification. Explore tailored management options for different subtypes of rosacea, including erythematotelangiectatic, papulopustular, phymatous, and ocular rosacea.

Elevate your practice with expert insights from Yana Yutskovskaya and stay at the forefront of aesthetic dermatology with advanced, effective treatment protocols.

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