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aesthetic dermatology

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We share the secrets of achieving healthy skin through modalities such as topicals, peels, lasers and other energy based devices.
02 - What we offer
Our skin plays an important role in nonverbal communication, attractiveness and first impressions. And therefore, a healthy looking skin is one of the most important goals for our patients. We share the secrets of achieving healthy skin with multiple modalities including topicals, peels, lasers, injectables and energy based devices.

We offer an extensive curriculum for all levels of aesthetic physicians. Ranging from (e)books to discourses, symposia and master courses. Under the guidance of leading experts in the field of aesthetic dermatology, you will gain both the theoretical knowledge as well as the practical insights necessary to perform essential treatments with confidence.
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At UMA Academy we are always pushing our limits of what is possible. From our online materials to our offline events - we want to offer you the best in the field. We are all times open for your valuable feedback, input and insight on how we can create a better and more engaging learning experience that meets your needs.

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