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Botulinum Toxin injections are one the most popular and one of the most frequently applied medical aesthetic treatments in the world today. And we are at the forefront of the developments involving this versatile drug.
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Dive deeply into the world of botulinum toxin in aesthetic medicine. In this field of study we go into the history, the science behind and the mode of action of this very special protein. But we focus most on clinical applications of many facial and well as non-facial areas. The learning material packages consist of our UMA hardcopy text book or ebook, recorded webinars, theoretical discourses and bundles of instruction videos. For those who wish to test their knowledge there is a facultative online exam. For physicians who are unable to attend a hands–on training event, we offer an online course containing the same online package, or its individual materials may be bought separately. 

Master Courses are our most comprehensive form of training, combining the study of online learning materials with hands–on training under the guidance of leading experts in the field. We currently offer two Master Courses in the field of Toxins: Toxin Essentials, intended for all physicians who have limited or no experience in working with botulinum toxin type A treatments for aesthetic indications, and Advanced Toxin Techniques, intended for advanced injectors with considerable experience with botulinum toxin for aesthetic indications. Keep an eye on our website and social channels as our curriculum is expanding and we will be adding new materials and training events in the field of toxins continuously.
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At UMA Academy we are always pushing our limits of what is possible. From our online materials to our offline events - we want to offer you the best in the field. We are all times open for your valuable feedback, input and insight on how we can create a better and more engaging learning experience that meets your needs.

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