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julieta spada

Dermatologist, MD
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julieta spada

Dermatologist, MD

Julieta Spada is a dermatologist specializing in aesthetic, clinical, and surgical dermatology, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She also holds a specialization in Internal Medicine from the same university, as well as a specialization in Aesthetic Medicine from the Argentine Medical Association. Julieta serves as an assistant professor of applied anatomy, focusing on the use of botulinum toxin and facial fillers in cadavers, at the University of Buenos Aires. Additionally, she is a former professor of dermatology at their Dermatological Research Center. Currently, she is the Chief Medical Director at Spada Dermatology and Aesthetics in Buenos Aires. Julieta is an advisor and global speaker for Merz Aesthetics and other international corporations in the aesthetic and dermatology fields. She has published extensively in the areas of aesthetics and dermatology and is an active researcher in aesthetic laser dermatology and injectable treatments.
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