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facial indications | lower third

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With Jani van Loghem
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The jawline is one of the most requested areas in the field of soft tissue fillers. With toxin we can also improve and lift the jawline by relaxing depressor muscles (platysma and DAO) for a subtle result or an addition to filler treatment.

In females, reducing the volume of hypertrophic masseter muscles with botulinum toxin greatly feminizes the face. Brixism patients may also benefit from this treatment.

Injecting the mentalis muscles with botulinum toxin can have various effects. The chin can be oriented more inferiorly (less anteriorly) and both the mental crease and skin dimples (the insertion of mentalis fibers) will be reduced. 

Downward pointing oral commissures can give a negative facial expression. Injecting the depressor anguli oris muscle may lift the oral commissures

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