soft tissue fillers

Instruction Video

non-facial indications | neck, chest and abdomen

These videos are part of our Advanced Filler Techniques curriculum.

With Jani van Loghem and Pieter Siebenga
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Don't forget about the neck... Having a rejuvenated face, sometimes reveals a discrepancy with the aging neck.Typically, collagen loss results in skin laxity and horizontal neck lines.

The wrinkles of the decollete, or decolletage, are often referred to as "the devil's fountain". Biostimulators such as CaHA as well as HAs can be used to treat these unwelcome wrinkles. 

Aging and pregnancy can result in skin laxity of the abdomen. Biostimulatory products can be used to induce collagen production and tighten abdominal skin.

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