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non-facial indications | extremities

These videos are part of our Advanced Filler Techniques curriculum.

With Jani van Loghem and Nabila Azib
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Intrinsic skin aging results in thinner skin of the inner upper arm. Biostimulatory products such as CaHA can be used to induce neocollagenesis in the upper arm. The elbows can show significant wrinkling. Injection of CaHA in the elbows can result in a natural rejuvenation and reduction of these wrinkles.

The hands can give away our patient's age. The hands may show skin laxity as well as volume loss and can have visible veins. Biostimulatory products are especially well-suited for hands rejuvenation.

The upper legs and knees may show laxity, wrinkles and cellulite. Skin quality can be improved with biostimulatory products such as CaHA 

Contouring of the calves can be done with STFs such as HA as well as CaHA. Usually, cannulas are used for this indication.

Just like the hands, the feet can be injected with products like CaHA in order to reduce signs of aging. Especially skin quality improvement is the goal in order to reduce skin laxity and visible veins.

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soft tissue fillers

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