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Explore the intersection of longevity science and aesthetic medicine with Dr. Nichola Conlon. This presentation delves into the root causes of cellular aging and offers innovative approaches to reverse the aging process, enhancing both appearance and overall health.

With Nichola Conlon
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Ideal for aesthetic specialists and skincare professionals, this presentation provides cutting-edge insights into how cellular health can be optimized to achieve better aesthetic results and overall well-being.

  • Understanding Cellular Aging:
    - Aging starts at the cellular level and is driven by genomic instability, cellular senescence, altered intercellular communication, and mitochondrial dysfunction.
    - The presentation discusses the 12 key cellular processes that cause aging and the importance of targeting these at their root.
  • Regenerative Aesthetics:
    - Current treatments like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), exosomes, polynucleotides, and growth factors aim to restore youthful cellular communication and repair damaged tissues.
    - Highlighting the importance of using these treatments to improve extracellular matrix and overall skin health.
  • Role of NAD+:
    - NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is crucial for cellular energy production and repair. Restoring NAD+ levels can significantly improve all 12 hallmarks of aging.
    - The presentation covers the benefits of NAD+ in skin health, including its role in enhancing regenerative capacity and reducing inflammation.
  • Clinical Evidence:
    - Dr. Conlon presents findings from clinical trials showing that restoring NAD+ levels leads to improved cellular health, reduced inflammation, decreased glycation, and reversal of biological age.
    - A dietary supplement, Nuchido TIME+, is highlighted for its efficacy in boosting NAD+ production and recycling within the body.
  • Integrating Longevity with Aesthetics:
    - Emphasizing the need to combine longevity medicine with aesthetic treatments to address aging at its root cause.
    - Treatments that improve cellular health can enhance the effectiveness of aesthetic procedures, ensuring better patient outcomes.

Embrace the future of aesthetic medicine by incorporating principles of longevity science. Dr. Nichola Conlon’s presentation offers a comprehensive approach to treating aging from the inside out, ensuring patients look and feel their best.

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