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autologous regenerative therapy using seffiller & seffihair

Autologous regenerative therapy with SEFFILLER and SEFFIHAIR uses your patient's own adipose tissue with a standardized harvesting technique. When healthy, normally functioning tissue with normal tissue architecture and components is formed, it is regenerative. Cells, scaffolds and cues are important pillars of regenerative aesthetic therapies and with the mesenchymal stem cells in the stromal vascular fraction (SVF), their exosomes and the adipose tissue components, Dr. Alessandro Gennai shares truly regenerative aesthetic procedures.


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online course

about this online course

This Online Course is intended as a full theoretical explanation of the science behind SEFFILLER and SEFFIHAIR to get you started on the regenerative path. The course contains an extensive presentation by pioneering plastic surgeon dr. Alessandro Gennai, including a theoretical discourse and practical instruction videos with step-by-step procedures

  • 50 minutes of discourse
  • 2 extensive detailed instruction videos
  • online multiple-choice examination
  • online certificate of accomplishment

online learning materials

This online course contains an extensive online learning part including over 2 hours of instruction videos and discourses by Alessandro Gennai. These will be ready for you in your account after purchase.

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