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photoaging and intrinsic aging

Dive into the dual worlds of photoaging and intrinsic aging. This keynote presentation reveals the complex interplay between genetics and environmental factors, offering cutting-edge insights into maintaining youthful, radiant skin.

With Martina Kerscher
€ 160


Unlock the scientific strategies to defy aging. Perfect for skincare enthusiasts and professionals, this presentation offers invaluable knowledge to enhance skin health.

  • Understanding Aging: Intrinsic aging is governed by genetics, while photoaging is caused by environmental factors like sun exposure and pollution.
  • Impact of Environmental Factors: UV, visible light, and infrared radiation cause oxidative stress and DNA damage, while pollution accelerates skin aging.
  • Effects of Lifestyle Choices: Smoking and stress significantly accelerate skin aging, leading to wrinkles, elastosis, and compromised skin barriers.
  • Combating Aging with Science: Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and protect against environmental damage. Daily UV/IR/VL protection is essential.
  • The Role of Collagen and Fibroblasts: Aging reduces fibroblast activity and collagen production, causing loss of skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Innovative Treatments: Personalized regimens and advanced therapies like moisturizers, exfoliants, and cell regulators improve skin quality and combat aging.

Embrace the secrets to timeless beauty. This keynote is your guide to achieving and maintaining radiant, youthful skin.

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