aesthetic dermatology


instrumental assessment of skin quality

Explore the advanced methods of assessing skin quality using instrumental analysis. This presentation covers the key metrics and technologies used to measure and improve skin health and appearance.

With Martina Kerscher
€ 135


Gain insights into the latest technologies for assessing and improving skin quality. Perfect for dermatologists, skincare professionals, and enthusiasts.

  • Defining Skin Quality: Skin quality includes firmness, surface evenness, tone evenness, and glow.
  • Advanced Assessment Tools: Instruments like Cutometer, Corneometer, and Tewameter provide detailed measurements of skin elasticity, hydration, and barrier function.
  • Technological Innovations: Tools like Visia and Glossymeter quantify facial pores, clarity, and skin gloss.
  • Improving Skin Quality: Regular use of these instruments helps tailor personalized skincare regimens for optimal results.
  • Practical Applications: Implementing these technologies in clinical and cosmetic practices enhances treatment outcomes.

Harness the power of instrumental analysis to achieve and maintain high skin quality. This keynote offers valuable knowledge to elevate your skincare practices.

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