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This 2-day Master Course is intended for all physicians who have limited or no experience in working with soft tissue fillers for aesthetic indications. Under the guidance of leading experts in soft tissue fillers, you will gain the theoretical knowledge and the practical insights necessary to perform essential facial filler treatments confidently. The course combines an extensive online learning package with hands–on training on 8 & 9 December 2023 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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master course facial filler essentials

Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most popular and frequently applied medical aesthetic treatments next to botulinum toxin. The number of biostimulatory products (such as Radiesse, HarmoniCA, Sculptra and Ellancé) and collagen stimulating procedures in aesthetics is growing fast.

Specific patient assessment, choice of product and a controlled injection using a cannula or needle are essential to patient satisfaction and safety. This course will teach you how to avoid complications and inject hyaluronic acid and biostimulators confidently.

  • extensive additional online materials available
  • facultative online theory examination
  • 2 days of hands–on training including evening program
theoretical training

theoretical training

Our Master Courses will bring you straight to the heart of any aesthetic ability. They offer a comprehensive training experience, combining a solid theoretical background with hands–on treatment sessions and live assessment of skills. Participants will have access to over 3 hours of discourses presented by Jani van Loghem and Job Thuis that cover the following topics:


hyaluronic acid and biostimulatory products

Get familiar with the essence of hyaluronic acid fillers and biostimulators


facial ageing and anatomy

A deep dive into the intricate workings of ageing and facial anatomy. Learn to identify areas that can be improved


product characteristics linked to clinical desired results

Learn how to employ the power of hyaluronic acid fillers. This discourse covers essential techniques in areas including the temples, forehead and medial cheek.


patient assessment

Know thyself, and your patients too. In order to obtain the best results it’s key to understand your patients wishes and distinct facial structure.


contraindications, documentation and preparation for injections

Great results start with great preparations. Learn how to properly plan and set up your treatments.


treatment techniques and avoidance of complications

Expand your knowledge and develop multi-various treatment strategies and techniques. Lastly we focus on safety and the avoidance of complications

Additionally, detailed instruction videos cover facial aging process assessment and requisite injection techniques. Participants who would like to test their knowledge are invited to take an voluntary exam.

The textbook Calcium Hydroxylapatite Soft Tissue Fillers: Expert Treatment Techniques by Jani van Loghem serves as the theoretical reference work for this Master Course. A hardback copy is included and will be provided to all participants on the day of the hands–on training (the e-book version can be previewed or purchased via the publisher

hands-on training

personalised hands-on training

Throughout our comprehensive 2–day training program, participants will perform live treatments on patients (using both cannulas and needles) under the guidance and supervision of an international faculty. The indications are ordered according to risk level; from basic, very low risk to highly advanced, high-risk treatments.

All procedures will be demonstrated and guided by our experienced faculty. This 2-day master course program is structured as follows:

day 1

08 dec.



Welcome by Job Thuis and introduction to the master course, followed by a Q&A based on theory.


live demonstration

Live demonstration by our expert faculty. Practice rounds, reconstitution and preparations.


hands-on training

Model treatments patient 1


hands-on training

Model treatments patient 2 and 3



Evening program including dinner with all faculty and delegates

day 2

09 dec.



Q&A based on theory


hands-on training

Model treatments patient 1


hands-on training

Model treatments patient 2 and 3


award ceremony

Certificate award ceremony and drinks.

Technical skills will be rated using the OSATS assessment guidelines. After the training, a certificate of attendance will be awarded that can be used to apply for accreditation.

course level: essential

This course is intended for physicians with limited or no experience in aesthetic injectable procedures. If licensed in your country to independently perform these procedures, in some cases (prescribing) nurses or dentists could also apply. Please note: in The Netherlands, nurses and dentists are not allowed to perform these procedures. Unfortunately, Dutch nurses or dentists will not be permitted to enter the course.

course materials

learning materials

This master course contains an extensive online learning part including over 6 hours of instruction videos and discourses by Jani van Loghem and Job Thuis. These will be ready for you in your account after purchase.



Jani van Loghem

Aesthetic Physician, MD PhD

Obtained his PhD in aesthetic medicine, focussing on the prevention and management of adverse effects during facial filler injections. Global thought leader in aesthetic medicine and founder of UMA Institute. Experienced presenter and instructor, well known for his contributions to the improvement of patient safety.

Job Thuis

Aesthetic Physician KNMG, MD

The first aesthetic physician in the world to complete the official medical specialisation in Aesthetic Medicine. Job is chef de Clinique of UMA Clinic and has contributed to various research projects and publications. As a global key-opinion leader in aesthetic medicine, Job is known for his charisma and has been lecturing in many countries around the world.

Jonathan Kadouch

Dermatologist, PhD

Expert in permanent filler complications and lecturer about the prevention and management of soft tissue filler complications. Author of a growing number of publications and contributor to the UMA Academy book publication on soft tissue filler complication prevention and management.

Aarent Brand

Aesthetic Physician KNMG, MD

Dutch certified Aesthetic Physician, practitioner at UMA Clinic and faculty at UMA Academy. Trained as a doctor at Maastricht University and finishing a PhD in vascular surgery at Utrecht University. Leading researcher at UMA Research. Precise clinician and aesthetic trainer, with a special interest in the restoration of symmetry after facial paralysis.

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